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Welcome to series 3 of Magellan Minutes, our investment insights initiative, in which senior members of our investment team dissect the markets and take a deeper look into the sectors and stocks that make up our global and infrastructure portfolios. This series is designed to provide you with concise, relevant and digestible talking points on global markets, each in around 10 minutes.

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Netflix and Alibaba: Are they still attractive investments?  

Technology Sector

Ryan Joyce, CFA, Head of Technology, Communications and Media

What is Magellan’s current investment thesis on Netflix in light of the recent slowdown in its subscriber base? Find out more from Ryan Joyce, Magellan’s Head of Technology and Portfolio Manager, as he unpacks the reasons why Netflix and Alibaba are still attractive investments. Ryan also discusses the implications of the G7 tax deal and the key drivers behind Crown Castle’s recent strong performance.

(Viewing time: 11 mins)

Payment Networks

From cryptocurrencies to a cashless society, what’s in store for consumers?

Payment Networks Sector

Dom Giuliano, Deputy CIO and Portfolio Manager

The move towards a cashless society continues apace, going strong with electronic forms of payment increasing, and consumer behaviour changing, but does this mean the end to physical cash as we know it? Find out more from Dom Giuliano, Magellan’s Deputy CIO, Head of ESG and Portfolio Manager as he tackles this question along with how companies like Mastercard and VISA are dealing with new competitors, and what the introduction of cryptocurrencies might mean for traditional credit cards.

(Viewing time: 8 mins)


The risks and challenges for brands operating in China

Franchises Sector

Hannah Dickinson, Portfolio Manager and Co-Head of Franchises

China is a market that presents compelling opportunities for western brands, but not withstanding both risks and challenges. Hear from Hannah Dickinson, Co-head of Franchises as she assesses the geopolitical risks at play, and what this might mean for brands operating in China.

(Viewing time: 9 mins)

Luxury Goods

The love of luxury, and why the sector is booming

Luxury Goods Sector

Vihari Ross, Head of MFG Core Series, Head of Research and Portfolio Manager

In the GFC it was nail polish, and during Covid-19 skincare is proving the big winner during difficult market conditions. The challenges of the last 12 months have been significant for many sectors, however luxury has been a unique beneficiary, with brands like Estée Lauder and LVMH performing strongly. Join Vihari Ross as she discusses the performance of the luxury goods sector, as well as how brands are embracing technology and what a rise in inflation or interest might mean. 

(Viewing time: 10 mins)


The impact of inflation and what’s ahead for ICE

Financials Sector

Alan Pullen, Head of Financials

The recent headlines on inflation has had negative connotations for many stocks, however banking stocks remain unaffected. Alan Pullen, Head of Financials and Portfolio Manager, discusses the impact of inflation on banks, how the stock ICE has performed since joining Magellan’s portfolio and what the term ‘de-fi’ means and how this might influence stock prices. 

(Viewing time: 9 mins)


Inflation and carbon emissions in the infrastructure sector

Infrastructure Sector

Ofer Karliner, Portfolio Manager

Is inflation just a speed bump in the road for infrastructure, or will things normalise in the coming months? Hear from Ofer Karliner, Infrastructure Portfolio Manager as he addresses inflation and interest rate risks for the infrastructure sector, what the return of air travel might look like and the impact of carbon emissions within the sector. 

(Viewing time: 9 mins)

Enterprise Software

What is the ‘cloud’ and should we be worried about cybersecurity?

Enterprise Software Sector

Adrian Lu, Investment Analyst

Consumers are moving toward the ‘cloud’ and enjoying the scale and benefits it provides.  But what exactly is the ‘cloud’ and who are the major players involved? Investment Analyst, Adrian Lu provides us with an overview of the cloud and how it works.  Adrian also addresses the recent headlines around cybersecurity and what we can learn from the recent hacks on high profile companies like Microsoft.  

(Viewing time: 10 mins)


The importance of ESG and active engagement

ESG Sector

Elisa Di Marco, Portfolio Manager

ESG is an area that continues to generate much interest from investors around the globe. Hear from Elisa Di Marco, Portfolio Manager MFG Core and ESG Fund, as she provides some deeper insights into how Magellan think about ESG and why active engagement with each company in the portfolio is so important. Elisa uses Starbucks as an example of how Magellan monitor and assess ESG risks, and how a risk such as climate change may impact the stock.  

(Viewing time: 10 mins)


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All these interviews were filmed on 9 June 2021, all information is correct as at that date.

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