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Warning about investment scams misrepresenting Magellan

Investment scams happen when fraudsters try to trick people into investing money or making a financial transaction. One way in which this is done is by advertising a fake investment opportunity. To appear legitimate, scammers may use websites, documents or apps that look professional with legitimate business details of the organisation.

An example of such scams is an advertisement on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, where people are invited to register for access to information or join chat groups by persons claiming to represent the Magellan Group. These messages are not from Magellan and Magellan is not in any way connected to or affiliated with these or any other similar groups.

Magellan does not provide personal investment advice or recommendations regarding any investment product or securities via any social media platform. Any communications we conduct over social media platforms is limited to information made available on our LinkedIn page. We urge anyone receiving an invitation to join these online groups to avoid responding and to report the scam to the applicable social media provider.

It’s important that you are always certain of the identity of any person you are communicating with before engaging with them or providing them with any personal or financial information. If you are unsure whether a communication relating to Magellan is genuine or not, please contact us directly using the contact information on this website.

Zarina Kalapesi

Zarina Kalapesi

Head of Institutional Business
Darren Ottawa

Darren Ottawa

Institutional Business Director
Amy Manns

Amy Manns

Institutional Relationship Manager

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What to do if you have a complaint:

MFG Asset Management is committed to providing investors with the best possible service. If at any time you are dissatisfied with a service provided by MFG Asset Management, please contact us so we can work towards a resolution. 

How to make a complaint:

MFG Asset Management accepts all complaints made orally or in writing, formally or informally.

  1. Please contact our Complaints Officer using any of the following methods:
    Phone: +61 2 9235 4888
    Mail: MFG Asset Management,  Level 36, 25 Martin Place Sydney, NSW 2000
  2. Please provide full contact details to enable us to respond to you quickly.
  3. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the nature of your complaint and any supporting documentation.