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  • Video Insights Jan 2022

    Infrastructure Strategy Update

    Portfolio Manager Ofer Karliner, outlines why listed infrastructure and utilities stocks rallied in the fourth quarter, the likely recovery in airport assets, why high carbon scores can be a misleading guide to ESG risks for infrastructure stocks, and why, even if interest rates rise, the infrastructure portfolios still comes with diversification, inflation protection, capital growth and yield benefits if the universe is defined correctly. (Viewing time: 10 mins)


  • Global Equities Jan 2022

    Global Strategy Update - January 2022

    Hamish Douglass, Magellan’s CIO, discusses why the less-threatening Omicron variant still comes with inflation implications, why he’s recently invested in two companies exposed to structural growth in global travel and why today’s stock market reminds him of 1999’s. (Viewing time: 23 mins)

  • Sustainable Jan 2022

    Dom Giuliano provides a sustainable strategy update

    Dom Giuliano, Deputy CIO and Head of ESG at Magellan, provides colour on some promising renewable-energy stocks, the efforts three portfolio companies – Amazon, Eversource Energy and Nestlé – are making to reduce their carbon footprint, and new investment (Viewing time: 11 mins)

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