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Welcome to series 7 of Magellan Minutes, in which senior members of our investment team dissect the markets and take a deeper look into the sectors and stocks that make up our global and infrastructure portfolios. This series is designed to provide you with concise, relevant and digestible talking points on global markets, each approximately 10 minutes

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The weight loss drug shaping-up as a gamechanger

Glucagon-like peptide 1 — or GLP-1 — is considered by some as a wonder drug and a new weapon in the public health battle against obesity. But what are the wider implications for the investment world? Portfolio Manager Nikki Thomas is joined by three Magellan Investment Analysts: Emma Henderson, Wilson Nghe and Tracey Wahlberg. Together they discuss the investment landscape surrounding GLP-1, looking at the pitfalls and potential financial benefits for sectors from healthcare, food retailing and restaurants to fashion, exploring which parts of the consumption landscape could be winners or losers.   (Listening time: 42 mins)

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